Get $PayByName Profile Information

API POST Fields (in addition to the Main Fields described in the Introduction)

Field NameDescriptionRequired?
Get $PayByName Profile
pbntagTag to get information for, such as $CoinPayments or $Alex. Can be with or without a $ at the beginning.Yes

API Response

A successful call to this command will give you a result similar to this (JSON):

      "profile_name":"Alex Alexandrov",
The result wil have the following fields:
  • pbntag = This is the $PayByName tag in the same case as the owner entered it. It is recommended to display the tag this way versus how it was entered by a viewing user.
  • merchant = This is the owner's merchant ID. It can be used to send transfers or payments to the owner.
  • profile_name1 = This is the owner's name (may be a store name, nickname, real name, etc.)
  • profile_url1 = This is the owner's website URL.
  • profile_email1 = This is the owner's email.
  • profile_image1 = The URL of the owner's profile picture.
  • member_since = The time (Unix timestamp) of when the user signed up for CoinPayments.
  • feedback = The owners current feedback. The 'percent' field with either be a percent as seen or 'No Rating' if the user has no feedback.
1 All of the profile_ fields will always be there but may be blank if the user didn't fill them out.