Create Transfer


Transfers are performed as internal coin transfers/accounting entries when possible. For coins not supporting that ability a withdrawal is created instead.

API POST Fields (in addition to the Main Fields described in the Introduction)

Field NameDescriptionRequired?
Create Transfer
amountThe amount of the transfer in the currency below.Yes
currencyThe cryptocurrency to withdraw. (BTC, LTC, etc.)Yes
merchantThe merchant ID to send the funds to, either this OR pbntag must be specified.
Remember: this is a merchant ID and not a username.
See Desc
pbntagThe $PayByName tag to send the funds to, either this OR merchant must be specified.See Desc
auto_confirmIf set to 1, withdrawal will complete without email confirmation.No
noteThis lets you set the note for the withdrawal.No

API Response

A successful call to the 'create_transfer' command will give you a result similar to this (JSON):
The result wil have the following fields:
  • id = The CoinPayments transfer/withdrawal ID. (This is not a coin network TX ID.)
  • status = 0 or 1. 0 = Transfer created, waiting for email confirmation. 1 = Transfer created with no email confirmation needed.