Get Callback Address


Note: Since callback addresses are designed for commercial use they incur the same 0.5% fee on deposits as transactions created with 'create_transaction'. For personal use deposits that reuse the same personal address(es) in your wallet that have no fee but don't send IPNs see 'get_deposit_address'.

API POST Fields (in addition to the Main Fields described in the Introduction)

Field NameDescriptionRequired?
Get Callback Address
currencyThe currency the buyer will be sending.Yes
ipn_urlURL for your IPN callbacks. If not set it will use the IPN URL in your Edit Settings page if you have one set.No

API Response

A successful call to the 'get_callback_address' or 'get_deposit_address' command will give you a result similar to this (JSON):
The result will have the following fields:
  • address = The address to deposit the selected coin into your CoinPayments Wallet.
  • pubkey = NXT Only: The pubkey to attach the 1st time you send to the address to activate it.
  • dest_tag = For coins needing a destination tag, payment ID, etc. (like Ripple or Monero) to set for depositing into your CoinPayments Wallet.