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What is

We are an easy to integrate payment gateway for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin with low fees. Whether using one of our buttons or a full shopping cart our API is designed to be simple and provides a polled interface or Instant Payment Notification (IPN). If you have ever programmed for PayPal™'s IPN system it is just as easy.

What are your fees?

Our fee is currently 0.50% + the transaction (TX) fee to send your coins to you.
There are no setup, monthly, or any other fees.

Do I have to accept every coin you do?

No, it is up to you which coins you would like to accept.
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How does it work?
  1. Via a button or link on your site your customers are directed to our checkout page.
  2. We give your buyer a unique address to send their coins to.
  3. Once the coins have been received by us and confirmed (number of confirmations depends on the coin), we store them in your account or send them to your wallet minus our fee and the transaction fee for that coin.
  4. Your server will be notified via IPN or polling through each stage of this process. You decide whether to process their order until the coins are confirmed on our end or wait until they are in your wallet.
We provide all the tools you need to make integration as painless as possible.
Don't know what Bitcoins are? Watch this video: