Support Wizard

NOTICE: ETH gas fees are insanely high at the moment and is causing delays and other issues on the blockchain. If you are trying to withdraw ERC20 tokens such as USDT.ERC20 or DAI make sure you have at least 0.05 ETH in each of the addresses your token is stored in instead of the normal 0.02 ETH!
Have you had a payment time out even though you sent the Bitcoin or a Bitcoin deposit still pending even after a long time? Check the Blockchain Status to see if it could be affecting your transaction.

Support Directions

For all Support Related Inquiries, please ensure you go through both steps of the support ticket process (while logged in to your CoinPayments account if possible):

What We Can't Help You With

  1. Questions about how Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies work.
  2. How to purchase Bitcoins with your credit card or bank account - there are many exchanges and methods available for this and we are unable to recommend particular ones.
  3. Problems with 3rd party services/merchants.
  4. Refunds for completed transactions - all transactions are final and cannot be refunded.
  5. How to buy/sell coins.
  6. Account Deletions - CoinPayments accounts cannot be deleted, however you can discontinue using them at any time with no notice to us.