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Point of Sale Interface

Point of Sale Interface
The POS interface can be implemented via a URL or standard HTML POST form to The fields available are documented below.
Field NameDescriptionRequired?Length
Main Fields
cmdThis should always be set to '_pos'.YesN/A
resetThis tells the server to delete any cached data for the user.
Set the value to 1
merchantYour merchant ID (you can find this on the My Account page).YesN/A
item_nameA description of the checkout's purpose (ie. Checkout, Sale, Food, etc.)Yes128
currencyThe currency of the payment (BTC, LTC, USD, EUR, etc.).
Values supported: Any crypto or fiat currency on the Supported Coins page.
Note we in no way process any fiat currencies, they are simply convenience values so you don't have to convert to BTC or another coin yourself.
amountfPreload amount (in the currency chosen) of the payment.No
(unless allow_amount = 0)
Optional/Informational Fields
allow_amount1 = Allow buyer to adjust item price. (default)
0 = Don't allow buyer to adjust item price.
item_numberThis is a passthru variable for your own use. [not visible to buyer]No128
invoiceThis is a passthru variable for your own use. [not visible to buyer]No128
customThis is a 2nd passthru variable for your own use. [not visible to buyer]No128
allow_currency0 = Don't allow buyer to adjust source currency (default).
1 = Allow buyer to adjust source currency.
allow_currenciesCurrency codes separated with a comma of coins you will accept. This is used to further restrict the coin selection from your list of enabled coins; for example if you are doing your own exchange rates and want to limit checkout to a user selected currency.
Example: BTC,LTC
ipn_urlSets an IPN URL.
If not set or blank defaults to the IPN URL in your settings.
langAutomatically set the checkout language to this language code. For a list of supported codes check this page.No16
cstyleSets a coin selection style for the checkout page. (default: grid1)
Warning: Other styles may not look right, they are untested
Buyer Information
These fields can be used to pre-populate forms with any information you already know about your buyer.
emailBuyer's email address.No128
Feel free to check out our POS link generator.