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If you decide to help translate, you will receive a file that looks like this:
msgid "Total:"
msgstr ""

msgid "Your order total must be more than 0.001!"
msgstr ""

msgid "Help"
msgstr ''

msgid "Contact Us"
msgstr ''

The msgid line identifies a string on the page, it has to be left how it is so don't modify those lines.
The msgstr line is where you would put your translation. For example if you were translating to Deutsch you might enter:
msgid "Total:"
msgstr "Gesamtbetrag:"

A few notes on the files:
  • The translated text should be in UTF-8, not a local code page.
  • In the lines you will sometimes see a %s, that is where outside data (like a coin amount, item name, etc.) will be substituted into the string.
    Unfortunately the order of substitution cannot be changed, so if you see a line with more than one %s they have to stay in the same order.
We would like to sincerely thank anyone who takes the time to translate all or part of the files. Translators will also be given credit on this page.

If you would like to help us with the localization project, you can download the translation file: coinpayments.txt. After it is translated you can email it to us at