Help - Litecoin Testnet

Litecoin Testnet Mode - Help

So our users can test our service without using valuable cryptocurrency we have enabled Litecoin in Testnet mode with ticker LTCT. It is important to remember that LTCT has no real value, so you should only enable it for testing purposes and disable it for production use.

Testnet mode Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Testnet uses an alternate blockchain that is set aside for testing and experimental purposes. The coins have no monetary value and the developers may reset the chain in future versions of the client.
  2. Regular Litecoin and Testnet addresses are different, so you cannot create transactions between the two blockchains.
  3. LTCT is set to an artificially high exchange rate of 1 LTCT = 1 BTC in our system.
  4. Litecoin will automatically use a different directory and wallet for Testnet, so you don't have to worry about your existing blockchain and wallet.

How do I run Litecoin in Testnet mode? (Windows specific, but the command line parts apply to Linux also)
  1. Open your Litecoin installation folder. For 64-bit Windows this is usually c:\Program Files (x86)\Litecoin or for 32-bit c:\Program Files\Litecoin
  2. Single click the litecoin-qt.exe file, then hold down the right mouse button and drag the cursor to an empty spot on your desktop. Let go of the right mouse button and click "Create shortcuts here".
  3. Right-click the new shortcut on your desktop and hit Properties. Switch to the Shortcut tab if it isn't already open.
  4. In the Target editbox it will say "c:\Program Files (x86)\Litecoin\litecoin-qt.exe" or "c:\Program Files\Litecoin\litecoin-qt.exe". Add a space and -testnet to the end of the line; it should look like this:
    "c:\Program Files (x86)\Litecoin\litecoin-qt.exe" -testnet OR
    "c:\Program Files\Litecoin\litecoin-qt.exe" -testnet
  5. Click OK to close the Shortcut Properties window and update the shortcut
  6. Double-click the shortcut you created to launch Litecoin in Testnet mode.

How can I get Testnet coins?
We maintain a small supply of Testnet coins and would be glad to send you some; just click here to request some.
It is requested that if you have any coins left after testing please send them back to us at moBX9SBfLpsMHg5oj2CHhyMoRVDnkqDENW (or if you just want to donate some Testnet coins that is great too).

You can also mine them with your GPU just like regular Litecoin. The diff is usually pretty low so you can solo mine a block in a few minutes to an hour with a regular AMD video card or even CPU mine.