Help - Ecwid Integration

How to Set Up Ecwid for Integration

This page will show you how to set up Ecwid for integration. First familiarize yourself with these pictures, then continue on to the directions below:

Ecwid Directions
  1. In your Ecwid store control panel, go to System Settings then the Payment tab.
  2. Pick one of your unused payment methods and hover over it's name so you see the pencil icon, click it to edit the name. You can customize it as you wish but our default recommendation is to use for the method name and for the second line "Pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or other cryptocurrencies." (see #1 in the images above)
  3. Click "Choose payment processor" and select "Credit Card: Authorize.Net SIM" (see #2 in images above), then Apply.
  4. Now click "Account Details" and a window will pop up.
  5. You will see "Relay Response URL:" where XXXXXX are some numbers, those numbers are your store ID; you will need them later. (see #3 in images above)
  6. There will be 4 configuration fields, fill them out as follows:
    • For "API Login Id", enter your merchant ID (you can find this on the Edit Settings page at
    • For "Transaction Key", you can enter any random string; it doesn't matter what is set here.
    • For "MD5 Hash Value", enter your IPN Secret (you can set this on the Edit Settings page at, also make sure IPN Verification mode is set to HMAC).
    • For "Transaction Type", select "Authorize and Capture".
    • Make sure "Enable test mode" is unchecked.
  7. Now click Advanced settings, change the Endpoint URL to then click Save under it.
  8. Click the blue Save button in the window and it will close.
  9. On the right hand side of the page click Enable on the payment method.
  10. This completes the setup on the Ecwid side of things, now go to the Coin Acceptance Settings page and continue below.
CoinPayments Directions
  1. On the Coin Acceptance Settings page, click the PayPal/Other tab.
  2. Enter your store ID (see #3 in images above) in the Ecwid Store ID box, then click Update Coin Preferences.
Optional Ecwid Directions - For style points
  1. In your Ecwid store control panel, go to System Settings then the Design tab.
  2. Click the "New CSS Theme" button and enter theme name "CoinPayments" (if you are already using a custom theme, edit it instead).
  3. Enter this code in the CSS text box:
    /* CoinPayments Logo */
    img.defaultCCImage {
    padding: 39px 263px 0px 0px;
    background: url('');
    height: 0px;
  4. Click "Activate" to the right of the text box, then the blue Save button above it.