Help - Charity Coin Vote

Help - Public Coin Vote for Charity

CoinPayments Coin Vote for Charity

The vote allows coin communities to add their coin to CoinPayments as well as raise money for charity. Our current charities are:
CharityPercent of Donation
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)50%
The Water Project50%

Vote Rules & Procedures

  1. Each vote will require a donation of 0.001 BTC (or selected altcoin equivalent) and once a coin reaches 1,000 votes it will be added to CoinPayments.
  2. We will not collect any fees on the donations, after each winning coin is listed we will follow the procedure below so anyone can verify we made the donation.
  3. Donation Prodedure:
    1. Any altcoins collected will be converted to BTC at the then-current exchange rate and added to the BTC collected.
    2. We will send the combined BTC to the charities listed above and post the transaction IDs on this page.
    3. We will ask the charities to tweet or provide other verification of the donation.
  4. To be eligible a coin must (1) be based on and/or provide a compatible interface to one of our existing coin types (ie. forks of Bitcoin, Ether, etc.) and (2) be in the top 200 of It is up to the person who requests the coin to make sure it meets these requirements, if a coin is found not to meet them no refunds of any vote(s) will be given and the funds will be donated to charity as with eligible votes.
  5. We reserve the right to change the charities at any time with the restriction that they will only be reputable charities formed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization or equivalent.

Vote History

CoinDate ListedCharity
NoLimitCoin (NLC2)
August 10, 2017Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
BTC Sent: 2.08622100 (~$7,221.00 USD)
TXID: 0f3c07d09690a6ce33ea1b181d37b52da0fb67391a030d90056b38891e1bbc33

The Water Project
BTC Sent: 2.08913503 (~$7166.716 USD)
TXID: 70552ca2f3e667662e57dd21d43c46f70604cb0b92cdd93ff45df8a104086e19
PoSW Coin (POSW)April 30, 2017Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
BTC Sent: 0.535435 (~$720.00 USD)
TXID: a1cfeec140fb4234d64083a02a02b5b37e7e25fa20fb7948cebf035565673f5b

The Water Project
BTC Sent: 0.540126 (~$747.29 USD)
TXID: e6ed09a0bcc706b5d8b1dc39371e4274a7fa00501607a007d3e5e57332620f78
Nexus (NXS)
Decred (DCR)
BitSend (BSD)
April 5, 2017Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
BTC Sent: 2.22258 (~$2500.00 USD)
TXID: 3a6d5aee0c7a405a8defd6a98f08d2e3a213b6cf4c4f287c37e817d8ba4e190e

The Water Project
BTC Sent: 2.13354926 (~$2402.42 USD)
TXID: f5f1fe0b89e38e5fbee3f0d41f4184fd8f497113935f73539088d658becd5a5d
For votes older than this 25% of the donation funds were sent to the CoinPayments Block Explorer faucets for giveaway.
NAV Coin (NAV)November 4, 2016Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
BTC Sent: 0.749852 (~$520.00 USD)
TXID: 6921d5fd1adfa42e658da9b9c9427da00fcb0e12660349dc3dfa55d8a845802f

CoinPayments Block Explorers
BTC Sent: 0.25000000 (~$173.25 USD)
TXID: aac967b9d925883ec06f832b88e3d14c7f447bee0979ba633fe7410457caa7db
Darknet (DNET)November 1, 2016Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
BTC Sent: 1.51977800 (~$1100.00 USD)
TXID: 79e50d522564fa23dafde98690d308564eed18f8f96eb79c0368e8ba08c75bd7

CoinPayments Block Explorers
BTC Sent: 0.50000000 (~$364.17 USD)
TXID: 74e6bcdfc9c086eb5a880adefdd03d69009ff219793658fb3317f083b26fbc02
DOGE Sent: 2,133.00000000 (~$0.45 USD)
TXID: 14edebc97cba1445c72dfe33361fd0fbd4c90a5cce43eac15099fd41eaf32439