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4/18/2019 08:43:38amNegativeBuyerhansii00 (No Ratings)I bought the program, did not get itNorway
4/11/2019 03:45:01pmNegativeBuyerAnonymousDidnt´receive nothing so far, I`m really disapointed. Don´t trust this "seller".
Reply from seller: We're very sorry for the disappointment. We will upgrade your plan to compensate for the late reply.
4/8/2019 01:18:28amPositiveBuyerAnonymousAutomatic Feedback after 31 daysUnknown
4/2/2019 04:12:01pmPositiveBuyerAnonymousAutomatic Feedback after 31 daysUnknown
3/28/2019 01:12:12amPositiveBuyerAnonymousAutomatic Feedback after 31 daysUnknown
3/24/2019 09:24:09amPositiveBuyerAnonymousH++ Crypter. I get FUD everytime.United States
3/23/2019 12:00:04pmPositiveBuyerAnonymousAutomatic Feedback after 31 daysUnknown
3/20/2019 02:58:01pmPositiveBuyerAnonymousAutomatic Feedback after 31 daysUnknown
3/16/2019 04:49:19amPositiveBuyerAnonymousAutomatic Feedback after 31 daysUnknown
3/11/2019 04:12:20pmNeutralBuyerAnonymous- No Comment -United States
3/7/2019 11:56:16pmPositiveBuyerAnonymousAutomatic Feedback after 31 daysUnknown
3/7/2019 11:46:10pmPositiveBuyerAnonymousAutomatic Feedback after 31 daysUnknown
3/5/2019 01:00:18pmNeutralBuyerAnonymousHaven't received it yet.
Reply from seller: Apologies for the inconvenience. It has been sent.
2/11/2019 07:20:47amNegativeBuyerAnonymousi didnot recieve my package
Reply from seller: Your package has already been sent, please check your spam.
United Kingdom
2/10/2019 04:44:01amPositiveBuyerAnonymousAutomatic Feedback after 31 daysUnknown
2/6/2019 01:32:01pmPositiveBuyerAnonymousAutomatic Feedback after 31 daysUnknown
2/6/2019 09:15:22amPositiveBuyerAnonymousAutomatic Feedback after 31 daysUnknown
2/2/2019 04:05:29amNeutralBuyerAnonymoushaven't received the crypter and its been 6+ hours
Reply from seller: Thanks for your purchase. You may need to check your spam. I already sent it.
United States
1/27/2019 11:45:59pmNeutralBuyerAnonymous- No Comment -Australia
1/8/2019 11:08:01pmPositiveBuyerAnonymousAutomatic Feedback after 31 daysUnknown
1/8/2019 03:55:04pmPositiveBuyerAnonymouski tikokemail@gmail.comEgypt
1/5/2019 01:20:16pmNeutralBuyerAnonymousWhen will I get the crypter?
Reply from seller: Delivered! Thanks for your purchase.
12/30/2018 02:15:40amPositiveBuyerAnonymousvery nice fud crypter !United States
12/29/2018 06:13:38pmPositiveBuyerAnonymousPurchased this and can vouch that it's full FUD.United States
12/26/2018 07:32:14pmPositiveBuyerAnonymousAutomatic Feedback after 31 daysUnknown